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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Fundamentalism is the True Satanic Religion

Fundamentalist fanatics all follow the same satanic region.

Standard religions are centred around teachings about the responsible exercise of freewill.  The prime idea in Christian is that god gave us freewill and that we are each responsible for working on our own salvation, not that of other people. God doesn't force us to be good, he holds our freewill inviolate thus allowing s to choose to inflict evil. Fundamentalism is about suppressing the freewill of others in order to preserve your own or force theirs. This is against the intent of god and by definition Satanic.

Christ said that we were to forgive and love everyone, to worry about our own sins before theirs, not to judge others, and openly condemned religious hypocrites and child abusers. Muhammad decalred that killing one person was like killing all people. Buddha said that we must give up selfish personal desires and respect all life. Fundamentalist Vatican bureaucrats and priests protect child abusers and authorized the systematically abuse of indigenous people for their salvation. Evangelicals feel quite free to judge and condemn the choices of others without considering the beams in their own eyes, some believing that Christ promoted wealth as a sign of goodness in direct contradiction to the parable of the Needle's Eye. Fundamentalist Muslims are eager to kill and make choices for other for their own salvation. Fundamentalist Buddhists struggle violently for political power. 

Satanism is the backwards reading of the Bible and upside-down crosses, it's the Inquisition, the protection of pedophiles, the suppression of same sex relationships. the pursuit of "holy" lucre,  the enslavement of women, and the belief that martyrs are guerrilla suicide soldiers instead of exemplars murdered for their beliefs. 

Fear is the tool of Satan, compassion the salve of Christ. Fear is the mind-killer, as said in Dune. Ignorance is its food, intolerance its water. Religious bigotry is based in ignorance and xenophobia as is the concept of race. Racism treats ethnicity, culture, and tiny regional genetic differences as defining separate species of humans as if we were races of angels. It is the de facto religion of hate that supports all fundamentalism. It is the Satanic root of all Evil.