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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Cause and Solution for the Collapse

Why are healthcare, education, and infrastructure crumbling like national economies and society?

Why is personal debt (besides the fact that personal income for most hasn't even kept in distant view of inflation, earnings changing little in the last thirty years of Neoliberalism), along with national deficits and debt, rising beyond crippling levels?

Why are wages, benefits, and rights being suppressed? Why has distraction replaced debate and omnibus decree replaced open negotiation?

Tax Evasion. Theft from us all.

Some of it, like the few hundred unclaimed by a hairdresser, is illegal and ruthlessly prosecuted. The majority of it, done by the largest individual offenders, is completely legal. They paid to have it that way. It may be legal, but it is completely immoral and is the rot eating away at society's foundations, and, fed by compounding interest, is the cause of the widespread collapses.

A Country's economy is like a pool. It can only grow if more is added to it than is drained away. Otherwise, parts will go dry.

Corporations and the wealthy who own them, are given tax breaks (essentially doubled) to encourage their investment in the economy of the nation giving those breaks. Instead, historic and present fact shows that they hoard and sit on their growing wealth - at least what they declare. The vast majority is funnelled offshore to shell companies that exist on;ly to send the money back tax free as a business transaction between companies. These companies exist as addresses only, nothing but paper. When you consider that both a company and a person who owns that company can participate in this to the benefit of that person, this double-dodge scheme gets expensive quickly.

Billions are stolen from the country, from our schools, hospitals, roads (etc.), each year through the use of the tax havens set up by banks and western governments, present and past. Add to that their shirking overt their share of the national burden through tax breaks and there is enough to avoid "austerity" of finances and rights, and properly fund essential services, programs, insurance, and institutions.

At least it would be enough if the banks in these tax havens, and the individuals who own them, weren't also paying compound interest on  the growing pile of stolen money and charging just enough top keep us in debt while "investing" in meaningless, complex, immoral, but "legal" financial gambles and then getting bailed out by us. Interest has to come from somewhere.In the case of tax havens, both the principal and the interest come from us.

There is a reason that until relatively recent times Christians, Jews,Muslims, and their scriptures agreed that interest on loans was immoral. They aslo agreed that it is a duty to pay lawful taxes so that your nation may function.

Tax evaders brag about it openly these days. They aren't screwing the Man. They are screwing you.

It is time to smash some piggies' banks and let our wealth, health, and future, out.