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Monday, June 27, 2016

Judge Not... Christian or Antichrist? That’s the Test.

Jesus condemned only two types of people, child abusers and religious hypocrites. Are you “fundamentalists” better or more righteous than him? Is your judgement better? By definition an antichrist preaches and practices hate, domination, condemnation, persecution, and violence. 

Christians need to read the New Testament instead of obsessing about Old Testament rules, attitudes, stories, laws, and practices. Jesus said that his coming fulfilled all the old laws, requirements, commandments, rituals, and sacrifices. All were replaced by one.

Love everyone.

Love thy neighbour and thy enemy as thyself. No exceptions. Judgement belongs to god. Self-sacrifice, compassion, charity, forgiveness, generosity, and faith, are the only weapons allowed. Only Jesus can save a soul, not harassment or violence. An antichrist is fundamentally a religious hypocrite and Revelation predicts many, not one. 

Although directed at those who claim to be or represent Christians, this also applies to non-Christians hen Jesus is considered as an archetype. Then it becomes obvious that humanists, rationalists, Buddhists, Muslims, and everyone else can be antichrists. 

We are not expected to be perfect in living up to this ideal. As long as we are trying to progress toward it, it doesn’t matter how far we’ve made it. Just as long as we don’t turn our intentions backward including walking backwards so we look like we’re facing the right way. This is the only orientation that matters to god. 

Worry about your own beam and stop worrying about all the splinters around you. And remember that more camels pass through needles than rich people reach Heaven. Material success is not a sign of divinity. 

God doesn’t inflict curses or punishments upon people, although he may arrange challenges. He doesn’t interfere with natural laws or the consequences of choices. He doesn’t allow evil, he protects free-will. We are here to experience its power, responsibility, and consequences.  We are here to learn to be part of a brutal, uncaring natural world intent on forcing adaptive progress. 

It is up to us to help ourselves. He only steps in when it is beyond our capabilities, as subtly as possible to deny the proof that would eliminate faith and prevent the exercise of true free-will. Doubt puts the choice on us. Good and evil is the foundation of all choice. How we deal with that and what we learn is the point. We are being prepared for adulthood by our elders to determine how much responsibility and power we will be able to handle once we graduate life’s high school.