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Sunday, November 13, 2016

A #Warning about #RBC #Bank's #Abusive, #Deceptive, #Exploitative, #Unethical, and Dangerous Practices

  If you have accounts with RBC close them and go elsewhere.

Update: Now their commercials have the guts to say they respond to your investing needs and welfare. Just after all the banks were found out to be pushing things customers didn't want, didn't need and were often bad for the customer just good for the salespeople. Rotten crooks and liars.

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#Retail #Banking is a #Destructive #Conflict of #Interest

They claim #1 customer service. Their employees must have voted that.

Apparently the head office decided this year that they can take away services from an account without informing you and without reducing the fee that you are being charged for the account. Does preventing an account from receiving transfers from another RBC client (my wife) make any sense? I could see not allowing transfers out. Still can do it through Interac.Their collections, who I had made arrangements with the day before and called again, you always get straight through immediately to Collections) had no idea about it or that it was possible. The customer service had to dig to find out about it and couldn't do anything about it. RBC is by far the worse bank that I've ever dealt with. I'd move immediately if I didn't have a credit line to pay off. They won't close the account and let you pay it from another bank. So they have me trapped. There's no one to complain to and no way to hold them accountable. Again I'm warning you to stop dealing with them before they decide to take away things without notice and keep charging you for them. I they are the best, I'd hate to see the rest. 

However, the joke is on them. Interac provides quicker and more reliable service than RBC hands down, especially transferring from RBC account to RBC account. Interac's computers don't go home at 6pm or take weekend and holidays off then charge you extra for it. Apparently RBC's computers have a better union than the human workers they had train their temporary foreign-worker replacements

But that's a minor offence.

During my long decades with them, I have been hounded, abused, lied to, misdirected, and trapped.

I graduated with distinction from college in 2007. I didn't find secure, stable, long-term, underemployment until 2013, reaching what should have been my 2007 starting wage this year, thanks to being given a 2$ raise to the corporation's minim standard level. The entry wage for the position. After two years of good appraisals in that position. Thanks, Sobey's - College Plaza. But I digress only to point out that I had to live on credit for a desperately long period.

In 2000 I learned I have Asperger's syndrome, a form o autism, along with chronic severe anxiety on top of my major depression disorder. I was put on a changing cocktail of powerful medications, including an unnecessary anti-psychotic to try to stabilize my moods, remaining on most o them until recently when my new doctor began reducing the number and took me off the anti-psychotic. Between the disorders and the medication effects and interactions, my thinking was foggy and erratic for most of the last decade. 

Just before entering the library technician program in 2005, RBC offered me a credit line. I don't recall seeing my wife's name anywhere on the simple form that I had to sign and send back. It was just what I needed to pay for school and survive.

I already had an RBC credit card.

After school income remained scarce and unpredictable the reliance on credit continued with payments made when possible. As both approached their so-called maximum limits, I started playing "bank-machine-bingo", trying to see if they would let me take out a relatively small cash advance. Turns out they let me go hundreds of dollars over both limits, in many withdrawals, over an extended period. Eventually the income ran out long enough that both got cut-off and we made arrangements to amortize them. Of course the interest keeps going, cash advances being the highest. Of course they provide no information about how much off the cash-advance principal is left to pay off.

The credit line began $500 over the limit. I have been making regular payments on the principle and the unpredictable interest (the payment changes according to a complex range of variables that one of their reps said he would have difficulty figuring out) for roughly three years. I've dropped it a few thousand dollars but it's still $500 over the limit. They reduce the limit by the exact amount of each principle payment without applying one cent to the overage. Of course overage penalties apply. The debt will be 0$ and the overage will still be $500. Last year, they called my wife to inform her that her credit line was $500 over the limit and needed quick payment. She immediately transferred $500 to pay it. I checked it as soon as their computers came back from their nap breaks. The overage was still $500. It still is.

I heard on the grapevine that TD offer a route to freedom. The lady that I met with was absolutely shocked by RBC's shenanigans and gall. I think I've found the way out.

Someone suggested that I complain to the BBB. They don't accredit RBC.

I wouldn't either. Avoid them.

The trap is tight and it can pull in the innocent.

I want to pay of the debt.. Hell, I'd pay 3 times the overage.... to anyone except RBC.

TD, emancipate me.

But don't believe me. Sent to me by Shazad Mirza  
Michael if you want to understand the tyranny of RBC then let me make it clear. My wife works for RBC 5 years ..she last year on maternity leave got diagnosed with the most rare auto immune disorder - ANCI C Vaculitius (Wegeners Disease) She almost died while being prognosed .. here's the kicker.. Her health insurance is with Sunlife same company as mine (I work for Microsoft.) .. RBS sunlife doesnt cover the CHEMO DRUG @Ratuxim from bayer as my health insurance does at Microst.. its 10k a pop.. RBC is a bottom feeding sesspool
I have also been approached by another person abused as an employee by RBC and we have joined forces.



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