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Thursday, March 23, 2017

#Abortion is a Drastic Act of Self-Defence

I am not against abortion that is safe, legal, and considered. Abortion the sacrifice of the existence of one human entity for the existence of another, like being forced to choose which child to save in a burning house.

The moment the father and mother combine genetic material they create a unique living, developing, entity with a human genome. It is not replicating single-celled organism, a cluster of cancerous cells, an organ, or an invasive organism, but the natural result of the choice to engage in intercourse, whether willing or coerced, a unique individual who will develop in complexity until stopped by death. This is regardless of whether it is called a human life, a fetus, a baby, a legal person, a moral responsibility, or an inconvenient problem.

The developing entity has the same, or more, human potential as the mother and it up to her to weigh that in her decision, a decision that only she is qualified to make. She has to live with it either way.

I defend a woman's right to choose as part of my defence of freewill, I just want it to be certain that the drastic severity of that choice is clear and not dismissed either way by minimizing the humanity of the two unique individual entities involved.

That's all I shall say. I will never have to personally face that terrible choice .


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Only compassion defeats dehumanization