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Friday, August 24, 2012

Canada's Only Real Enemy

Stephen Harper's solution

Canada's Prime Minister, Harper the Hypocrite, is the true enemy of Canada. Representing extremists and foreign resource corporations he seeks to undo over a century of improvement and evolution (conservatives just can't stand evolution). From our colonial roots we have fought for inclusiveness, fairness, justice, social responsibility, and respect. He fights against them all. relying on fear, secrecy, lies, and criminal acts he seeks to undo the rights that we won for ourselves so that the few who fund him, and have a cushy job waiting for him when we kick him out, can be the elite that holds their foot on our collective neck. 

His policies have one ideology - money matters more than anything else. It is the core of all he does. He made tax havens easier places to evade paying your fair share in taxes, if you are wealthy or a corporation that is. Even though he says the economy is weak and there must be cuts, he helps these tax evaders steal billions from u and then gives them tax breaks and subsidies. His idea of growth is not societal, but individualistic and cancerous. He is selling us all out for his own gain. He is a pure mercenary.

If not resisted, he will turn our country into an open pit mine, pitied and reviled by the world, and Canadians into slaves for the company, with the "right to work", just not get paid or have safe working conditions. 

No one gave us the benefits of our society - certainly no hereditary monarch or wealthy businessman. People fought on picket lines, at protests, in battle, and with words. They fought for healthcare. They fought for labour rights. They fought for our freedom and the Constitution that made us a real country. They fought for pensions. They fought for equality. They fought for a living wage and justice. They fought for a government that represents them, not dictates to them and exploits them. They fought for each other and they fought for us. 

We haven't finished fighting. The natives need our help. The environment needs our help. The country needs our help. We need our help. No one else is going to help us. 

We are the source of evil and we are the source of good. Our choice is power, but without knowledge it is limited. Without action it is impotent. We are letting evil rule us. That makes us evil. It isn't about breaking rules. That isn't necessarily evil. It is about causing harm, or letting it be caused, for our own benefit or convenience. It is about hate not love; condemnation not understanding. Good comes from love of self and others that is equal, otherwise known as respect. 

I don't hate Harper. I hate what his evil actions are doing to the county and people that I love (and likewise for all tyrants). His hypocrisy is harming us all. We don't need guns to fight him, just the truth, the vote, and the willingness to make a choice and stand behind it. 

The willingness to be responsible citizens and mature adults, regardless of the inconvenience or self-sacrifice required. Self-sacrifice is the only legitimate sacrifice. All else is evil, taking from another what you are unwilling to give. A true leader asks it of his people when times are tough. He doesn't try to manipulate them with lies and fear. He tries to uplift them and give as much or more of himself. After all, “The only thing we have to fear, is fear itself,” and those who promote it.

Good, not guns, is what we need. That is what we all are, if we choose to be.

But we have to choose.