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Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Pharmaceuticals should be nationalized

Did you know that big pharma isn't researching new antibiotics because there's not enough profit in it. Did you know that if you have a rare disease you can look forward to spending your house's value for a pill or just be outa luck... sorry you die. Not enough money in it. These are medicines we're talking about. This is the entire modern medical age we're talking about in regards to new antibiotics. Too bad civilaztion will go back to the 1800s, more money making old men and women horny.

This is too important to leave to shareholders. Nations could fall if the right drugs aren't available in a timely fashion. Nations should be in charge of the industry. Let pharma make Viagra, take all the important stuff away. Then we might actually get a cure for cancer, or more urgently new antibiotics. By the way, big pharma pushing doctors to overuse their antibiotic products is one of the reasons that time is already running out.