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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

The Continuum Chronicles: Armageddon and the End of Ages

Cover Mock-up

The Project

The Continuum Chronicles is the epic coming-of-age story of everything, beginning with one child and expanding to involve every reality in Existence. It is a work of "firm" fantasy, fiction based upon magic, the direct manipulation of reality by mind through willpower, that adheres to a detailed systematic metaphysics understood scientifically by magicians.

The following are the working titles of the eight volumes chronicling the Final Existential War, Armageddon, for the fate of Existence itself. The series is plotted with completed drafts of the first two books and the final scene of the final volume written. Final revision and editing of the Blue Knight is in progress.
    1. The Blue Knight
    2. Gathering Shadows
    3. The Children of Doom
    4. Pandemonium
    5. The Agony of Aldyryc
    6. Mystiká Apocalypse
    7. The Ghost Blade
    8. Flames of the Phoenix

    The Series 

    “Once upon a timeless moment…”

    What if all tales were true, somewhere? From the Age of the Egg to the End of Ages, the heart to the outer limits… it is time to tell all.

    The Continuum Chronicles

    An epic tale twisting together strands from fiction, legends, myths, religions, history, science, and philosophy, the Continuum Chronicles follow the mortal champions of the divine Factions of Darkness, Flames, Light, Rains, and Shadows, from Armageddon’s beginning to the End of Ages in their struggle to raise a phoenix from the ashes of the Last Stand against Oblivion.

    The Blue Knight

    Volume One tells the story of the first chosen champion, Logosien Di Lzander, whose birth is the battle that begins the Final Existential War. Trained as a martial monk of the God of Discipline and Perfection, he gains fame and infamy as an Imperial Knight of Morgana Le Fey’s Kaldarian Legion. But, he’ll have to survive the judgment of his spirit and the infernal depths of the Underworld for a chance of saving his son from the Maelstrom’s godlike S’Skahahn, the “One and Many” Champions of Flames.

    It is up to the sole Champion of Rains to extinguish them before everything is burnt.

    Chapter 1

    The Chronicler relates his tale revealing the origins of the Champions of Chaos and beginning the Chronicles.

     Chapter 2

    The battle over the birth of the Champion of Order begins Armageddon.

    Chapter 3

    The Champion of Order sets his feet upon the path and faces his greatest foe for the first time.


    Magic Metaphysics & History
    Precious Metals and Minerals
    Map Key

    Map of Aldyryc


    This is a compilation of the rules that I use in the series. It is also intended to be published and updated as a companion Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting conversion guide. Still in progress but nearing completion.
    The races of Aldyryc represented to scale.

    The Seal of the Council of Powers

    Factions: Darkness (Evil), Flames (Chaos), Light (Good), Rains (Order), Shadows (Balance)

    Everything is always in process 
    Only compassion defeats dehumanization.