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Friday, November 18, 2016

Surviving the Suicidal Storm

When many people talk about having suicidal thoughts, they refer to a contemplation, a desire, or an obsession. I've been there, but there it's just the edge of the abyss.

In my darkest major depressions, it hits me like a series of movies, looping endlessly in my mind, making reality seem the illusion. Completely immersive and inevitable in conclusion, they even show the aftermath on all involved. The repetitive inevitability is a self-destructive brainwashing of depair and doom blocking out all other thoughts, memories, and feelings. A trap of such excruciating, seemly infinite pain and existential isolation that everything else becomes insignificant. Self-fulfilling the dark prophecy forces one choice, one path of escape. And it even shows you how.

I basically try to remain immobile and escape into sleep, although the movie often continues there, unrelenting. sometimes it requires something with a sedative kick. Usually it ends upon waking and light returns. Fortunately such depths are rare these days thanks to medicine and coping skills. I also have the experience of seeing the movie end numerous times before, eventually.

Dawn does come. Hold on until the demon storm stops howling.

The best and strongest lifeline, by far is the compassionate touch and firm embrace of a loved one.

Compassion is the strength to help someone hold on and stand up.

We all need compassion.

Everything is always in process
Only compassion defeats dehumanization.