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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Improper Doctor Education is Killing People


The way doctors are educated about medicines creates huge problems in the Canadian healthcare system and is literally killing people. Right now doctors are “educated” about drugs by salespeople for big pharma. They tell them what is safe and best. The foxes educate the roosters.  Thus opioids have been dispensed like aspirins for things they should never  have been used for, becoming the go-to rather than the last resort.  Doctors are becoming pharmaceutical salesmen with perks as commissions. 

This could be solved by banning all contact between pharma and physicians. All educational materials and scientific data should go directly to the medical societies or Health Canada for analysis and comparison. This way the most effective most efficient, least costly choice can be recommended. At the very least a top-ten lists can be produced for a range of conditions.  This would take out any corrupting influence of sales and provide a reliable database for immediate access. Ignorance is deadly in medicine. 

Eliminating this link would greatly reduce, perhaps eliminate, the over prescription of drugs like opioids and the resulting predictable addiction and deaths. It would also keep medicine costs more competitive and affordable.