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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A true leader

We have lost the concept of what a true leader is. It is not merely the head of a group or team, but someone who can unite opposing teams. A leader is someone who can make use of the benefits of diversity rather than exploiting difference for personal or team gain. A leader unties and inspires people to look beyond their ideological horizons and cultural differences,combining strengths to create a whole greater than the sum of its parts. Leaders don't pit those parts against each other. That is counterproductive to truly leading. You can lead fighting dogs. Leaders serve rather than rule, convince rather than command, working for the betterment of all not just themselves and their supporters. Leaders present their visions and let the peopl,e see the worth for themselves, they convince rather than coerce, avoiding ramming through their opinions or ideologies and never demonizing those who disagree of show other forms of difference. They earn respect through action, not position or wealth. Leaders show integrity, openness, inclusiveness, and wisdom. Politicians play the game of power to win. Leaders take their people to new heights unattainable alone. Leaders use reason not emotion to move others. People ruled solely by emotion possess no reason and are easily manipulated by politicians. We need true leaders to face the real future, not exaggerations and falsehoods and personal attacks based on the manipulation of ignorant emotion. Like medicine, we need to move to evidence-based practice in government. We need to approach government as a cooperative rather than cooperative enterprise. We're only beating ourselves.