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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Bullying is Rape, Rape is Bullying

Bullying and rape will never be ended by general education programs alone. These are violent acts of domination, degradation, and gratification. They are committed by predators who, in the proper circumstances, become brutal tyrannical dictators like Assad. These are evil acts committed by those who don't care about education, civility, respect, rights, or the law. Predators live for the hunt and the kill using these restrictions as tools and cover, often doing it their damage precisely because it is unacceptable and they can get away with it.

You need a lot more than a few education programs and media campaigns appealing to people's better natures. Once evil roots and starts to grow, especially if water and fertilized with praise and privileged, it sneers at the better nature as the weakness of prey. You have to dig up the roots and cleanse the soil.

Some predators are born with psychopathy, others develop or learn it, but many choose it.

Bullying is not only a form of rape and rape a form of bullying, they are the same, as demonstrated perfectly in pedophilia, prison, and war. Often committed by those held up as heroic or leaders, this predation damages and destroys lives for pleasure. Be it subtle or gross, it's textbook evil.

I don't say this as a privileged white man, but as an autistic with personal experience of these things.  Abuse is abuse.