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Monday, June 27, 2016

Taking the Panic Out of the Markets

Every investment is becoming high-risk because of the unpredictability and instability created by short-term thinking and fast profit. Investment should be dated and locked in for a year from purchase. Those older than a year should be able to be sold one date per day at most.  This might discourage speculation and gamblers treating the markets like a casino. This might also end the manipulation done through quick computer trades. It would bring some stability and predictability, giving the situation time in many cases to improve before a sell-off can occur. Sell-offs would be staggered. 

Then quarters would be less significant than years and we might get some more long-term financial thinking. Then investments would be investing rather than gambling and companies wouldn’t have to be as terrified of having the rug suddenly yanked out. Bubbles might deflate rather than bursting or collapsing. Short-term fluctuations wouldn’t be crises. 

Stabilize the climate and the storms will lessen in frequency and impact. We might even get some fair weather for a change.