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Sunday, May 15, 2016

A Successful Referendum on the Canadian Voting System

The federal election was the referendum on whether to the change the voting system. That decision has been made and the mandate established

A referendum on how to change is what's required now. It should presuppose that there is no option for retaining the status quo even with cosmetic surgery. Otherwise people will tend to chose the comfort and convenience of the familiar over the engagement and effort demanded by change.

The question should not be yes or no, and if the law demands such it should be changed. Two to four options approved by Parliament, should be presented on the ballot after great effort to clearly explain the details as well as pros and cons. Real debate should occur and then the people choose. However, if less than say 60% to 75% of voters do their civic duty, the vote is continued until enough of the population have voted, even if it's just to stop hearing about it. Only then is the most popular system according to ranked or simple ballot put into place.

This is more likely to serve the voters than the creators and to possess the legitimacy and possibility for restoring every vote's value in democratic representation.