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Monday, May 16, 2016

The Extremist Profits of the Deadly Seven

Islam, communism, capitalism, republicanism, Judaism, Buddhism, Hinduism, patriotism, utilitarianism, Christianity, democracy, efficiency, loyalty, justice, progress, faith, reform, defense, home, and genetics, just a few productive concepts that have been perverted by individuals and groups dedicated to their own privilege, wealth, and power, claiming prophetic knowledge and insight to justify unquestioned tyranny.

Turning the concept on its head, they use a fanatical fuel in an engine of murder and destruction for their vehicle of oligarchy, feeble beams of false glory radiated by intense horror leading the way. Secret police, morality police, or thought police, eventually follow.

Evil often presents itself as good engaged in tough love, sometimes a true belief or delusion; more often marketing. The cloak changes often but the thing within remains the same, an avatar of seven sins.