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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

We are what we eat

The words industrial and factory should never be part of our natural food production. If you digest a diet of cruelty and unsustainable practices, you become cruel and rapacious.

You don't respect your food, it gets even. Obesity epidemic anyone? Environmental damage and animal cruelty anyone? Unsustainable practices anyone? Animal flues anyone? Mad Cow anyone?

Animals and plants are not artificial products or parts of an assembly line of food. They are life forms with physical requirements beyond sustenance. Animals experience pain and emotions and are no more deserving of a tortured life before being killed than we are. We are an animal species. Omnivores in fact. Nature dictates that life must feed on life, but taking a life without respect breeds disrespect for life.  You devalue one, you devalue all. I guess animal cruelty should be no surprise, we practice it on one another all the time for far less a concrete gain than food.

Corporations have commoditized everything, including life. When life is cheap, freedom is meaningless. We are not mere numbers on a corporate balance sheet and neither is our natural food. Countries exist to do more than grow economically and so do we.

We have to treat the rest of nature as if we depend on its health.

Because we do.