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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chis Hedges Interview on CBC

This interview describes the slavery, social destruction, and loss of rights and living standards resulting from the neo-liberal policies of the corporate-backed parties: Republican, Conservative, Liberal, and Democrat. It has generated the current economic, environmental and social crises and cannot possible fix them, even though governments world-wide are trying to make it so. Corruption must be dug out and punished and then safeguards and reforms put in place  to keep the predators from the sheep. But first the sheep have to wake up.
 The Current from CBC Radio (Highlights)
Chris Hedges: Days of Destruction - July 10, 2012July-09-12 10:00 PM
Chris Hedges has spent much of his life covering the world as a foreign correspondent. Lately, he's been focused on what he calls the Days of Destruction, Days of Revolt in the United States. That's the title of his new book, which documents the devastation of a series of U.S. communities in excruciating, heart-rending detail. He argues, based on reporting from countries where people have risen up against injustice, that a sort of revolution is brewing in the U.S. right now. He's controversial, a supporter of the Occupy movement, wildly popular in some circles... and he argues Canada is suffering the same disease of decay.

I agree, but the decay is 30 years old and world-wide. I especially like his use of the term neo-fuedalism.