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Thursday, July 26, 2012

The NRA: Cheerleaders for the Merchants of Death

Injustice Facts: Out of the top 10 corporations contracted by the U.S. government, 9 are weapon manufacturers.

I've heard a lot of people talking conspiracy theories about the Colorado shooting. If I were the paranoid type I would say the ones who had the most to gain from it, if there was anything to be gained from senseless death, would be the NRA. Gun sales have rocketed since the incident in what was a peaceful gun free area. I've heard it asked how the shooter could afford all that weaponry. More important, I think, is how easily – and likely cheaply – he was able to quickly build a private military arsenal through perfectly legal means in a supposedly peaceful country.
The rest of the world is wary of America because they are heavily armed.and becoming paranoid. Ready to kill at the slightest misunderstanding. And so many of them misunderstand so much.

I fear for them. It's always the innocent who ends up paying.

Real terrorists profit from acts of destruction and fear. They usually call it heroism and self-defence.