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Sunday, July 8, 2012

Our childish obsession with the trivial

Does it seem reasonable that the two most common routes to wealth in our society are by gambling on the financial market and by playing? While the farmers upon whom we all depend for survival can barely survive themselves, play acting and playing games not only provide salaries of millions of dollar but the worship of most of the society. I'm not saying that there isn't talent and skill involved but we can't eat a movie or a home-run. Their importance and reward seems completely out of whack with their actual value to our survival.

Most entertainment has become vacuous, empty of meaning and art, sensory stimulation occurring rapidly enough to keep catching our pathetically short attention spans without having to rely on our lazy memories. How can our species reach for the real stars when we can't focus for longer than five minutes and things that happened last week are forgotten? When we do focus, it is on empty sensory fixes like idiots on YouTube and so-called unscripted dramas that show manufactured reality. Cartoons have more depth than this these days. When we're watching other people live normal lives on TV, we're not living ourselves. People dedicate themselves to spending weeks on completing a video game but they're not willing to dedicate themselves to staying somewhat informed and active in the world around them.  More people can quote sports stats than know of the history and the governing of their country. More people can quote the happenings and names of people famous for their fame. More people can tell you the latest fashion. We can't be bothered to think about things of real importance. They take too much attention and too much time.  We have to pay attention and remember things. And they don't give an immediate sensory fix. We have become a people of children, with the most spoiled acting as our leaders. This is not a game of king of the hill. It is survival for our species. Will we play quietly with our toys until reality takes it all away?

Everyone seeks escape, but there is no escape, only action in time or reaction too late.

We are no longer children in Eden. We know the good and evil of our actions. For every action there is an equal an opposite reaction as well as unintended consequences. We must grow up or perish. Nature is not kind to animals or children. We are both, and nature is everywhere and everything. We must mature and take our place as the consciousness of nature. We are its potential for kindness. We are its intelligence. We are the hope for something more. Our childish apathy lets the entire universe down.

We can be better. Our existence is not a trivial thing.