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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Harper Hates Canada

In every action, every word, every omnibus bill, and every American-style attack add, Harper tells us that he hates Canada. He has bragged that he no one will recognize Canada when he's done. What if we happen to like Canada as it is? It is voted one of the top places to live in the world on a regular basis and was held in high regard by the rest of the world, so high in fact that we've been playing with the big boys even though we're a small population with no real military might.

A heartless single-mined hypocrite, Harper is ripping the heart out of our country, sneering at us the whole time. He is nothing more than a bully who wants things his way and tolerates no other opinions or facts. And his way is far more American than Canadian. We don't mix religion with politics. We try to care for one another. We try to be respectful even in disagreement. We try to be responsible citizens of the world. We try to be humble for the blessing of our resources and the historic decisions that made Canada what it is today.

Harper takes credit for Canada's current economic stability, when it was actually the regulations and laws that reign in our financial industries that saved us from the same reckless behaviour that corrupted the world financial systems. All he has done is inject stimulus spending, something any responsible government would have done, and cut the services we need or make them so understaffed that they can't function, so maybe later he can cut them because they don't function. He has cut off all differing opinions, so much like George Bush Jr. in his absolute certainty. It takes no intellectual brilliance to make broad sweeping cuts and transfer costs to lower levels of government. He has done nothing that he should be bragging about or lecturing others about. And while he's at it he reduces oversight on the agency that spies on us and tells them to use information acquired through torture. He has destroyed hard won labour rights and living conditions, protecting the needs of his financial backers and friends over the health and principles of our country. He is trying to force ruthless competition, privatization, low corporate taxes and low taxes on the wealthy, and the other evils of neo-liberalism, down our throats. He brags about this being a low tax environment, but it's only low for those who can afford to be taxed more. Instead of creating a national energy strategy with the aim to self-sufficiency and selling value-added products, he wants us to remain a colony of greater powers. Foreign powers with large financial investments in the oil sector. He attacks environmentalists with funding sources outside Canada, but China can buy up a huge stake in one of most important industries and dictate that we can't refine it before we sell it. You'd think someone with a fundamentalist christian background like Harper would remember that the Bible says we are to be stewards, not exploiters of the Earth. He's even a hypocrite when it comes to that. Jesus wasn't kind to people like him. He knew how destructive someone like Harper can be. Everything he claims to be, he proves to be the opposite. If he accuses you of wrong-doing you can be sure he's done far worse.

Harper hates Canada. He hates our socialist tendencies and generally reasonable nature. He hates that we tend to get along . He wants to make us Americans. It would be far less destructive for him to move there. They kept Bush around for two terms. They seem to like his kind there. He is a poison that our country needs to purge before we lose what separates us from our neighbours to the south. I don't hate America, but if I wanted d to be American, I'd bloody well move there.