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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Evil: Depression of the Soul

Ayn Rand has been in the news a lot lately because of the US presidential race. Her so-called philosophy of Objectivism is a prime example of how evil, and depression, works. I have suffered with depression most of my life so I'm intimately familiar with it. Depression alters perception, making good things feel bad and bad things feel good. It breaks down hope and fills life with bitterness.

Evil works the same way. Like Ayn Rand, it calls good things like altruism, evil, and evil things, like greed, good. She promoted self-interest and the will of the strong (in her philosophy the rich and the so-called superior men) over the weak. Although not an outright fascist, she was much like Hitler in that he base philosophy was something she herself could not be an example of. Hitler thought blonde, blue-eyed Germanics were super-men and was trying to breed them. But he was a short, dark-haired, dark-eyed psycho, the total opposite of what he claimed was best. Ayn Rand declared that government was useless and that everyone not one of her superior men was inferior and little more than obstacles for the supermen. Yet she died poor, on social security and a hypocrite. She wasn't what she preached.

Evil never is. The neoconservative neoliberal movement is an extension of her and Hitler's philosophies. The fallacy that there are self-made supermen who must be allowed free reign to do their wonders runs thick through conservatism. every conservative seems to see himself as one of these supermen, gods who by their own power create the world. They preach free markets as freedom, when all they are mechanisms for trade that favour the rich and exploit the weak, making slaves of the people who generate society's wealth - the ordinary worker/wage earner. They dismiss the fact that without the efforts of those who came before and a stable supportive society nothing could be accomplished. There are no self-made men. Opportunity, luck, mentorship, and often the family fortune, is what made these men. This is especially true of inventors, the ones the conservatives hold up highest. Bill Gates couldn't have done anything without centuries of science and technological development to produce the the computer.

Evil always holds one up above another, for only good can tolerate equality. This is enhanced by the worship of competition over cooperation. Competition is only useful within a cooperative framework, otherwise it is destructive. Cooperation is the basis of civilization, science, uncorrupted religion, and most of the goods in this world. Competition is the basest of impulses. Our bodies are works of cooperation, billions of cells and micro-organisms working together for a common good. when our bodies compete against themselves it is called cancer. Competition within business is good if done within a regulatory framework that decreases its damage. The power of crowd-sourcing and open data sharing in science demostrates that more gets accomplished, quicker than if they act as competing individuals. Conservative like it so much because it favours the strong, as does every evil.

Ayn Rand's influence though not often discussed is everywhere in our modern screwed up world. The ones who believe they are supermen have made greed good, lust an advertising gimmick, anger the norm, jealousy and envy entertainment, sloth the way of life, and gluttony the basis of our economies, all to justify their own evil behaviour. They claim that the rich and corporations generate the world's wealth, instead of hoarding it, and that everyone below them owes them their livelihoods. Actually, it is small, non-corporate businesses that create jobs. No corporation is an entrepreneur. It is the common labourer who does the work to produce the goods and services that create wealth. Of course, evil would have us see black as white.

Evil tries to divide, isolate, and demean. Just like depression. The conservative evil has created a societal depression, a hopelessness and self-destruction that they use to keep the majority of the world in line - in slavery to the supermen masters. It is logically impossible for 1% to accomplish as much as 99%. They rely on us, not we on them. Evil always tries to make us see the truth in reverse. Thus cutting social programs becomes the way to a more just society, rampant selfish individualistic competition is the best way to improve life for everyone, and cooperation is evil. They say they represent justice and they break laws without regard. They say they speak for an entire country while attacking large portions of its population because their skin, lifestyle or beliefs are different. Dictators call themselves saviours. Corruption is rewarded not punished. and countries in which there is no freedom or free choice call themselves democratic people's republics.

Hypocrisy is the hallmark of evil. Depression is its tool. We must fight it, or we lose our souls and the souls of our countries. Black is not white. Tyranny is the opposing force to free will.

Right versus left is a false paradigm created by evil. Right versus wrong, good versus evil, is what is going on in the world today.

It's time to take a stand and decide which we represent. All you have to do is look at what the policies of the last thirty years have done to people, economies, and the planet to know what side has been in control up until now. But now, the good people are no longer isolated and restricted to the decrees and control of tyrants. The world is waking up and connecting. As much as the tyrants try, it is a force that is growing and will not be stopped.

We are not ignorant peasants, as much as they try make us so. (Especially in the US). Knowledge is power. Good is ultimately stronger than evil, even though it may not seem so in the short term, it outlasts the tyrants.

We are on the verge of a new age for humanity - all of humanity. It is always darkest before the dawn.

I've survived 30+ years of depression and anxiety. The world has survived 30+ years of neoliberal conservatism. There is hope. The lie is that there isn't. The lie is hat we can't do anything. Change doesn't come all at once. It is incremental. Vote for the best of the bad choices and work for better ones, otherwise, like depression, it is a spiral to self-destruction.

I've had enough of swallowing lies and letting corruption rule. I'm taking a stand. I'm only one person, but through coopertion, I'm one of seven billion, most of whom aren't in the 1% who believe themseves deserving supermen. The time for kings and queens, no matter what names they cloak themselves in - capitalists, industrialists, fanciers, or politicains - is over. The only superior people are those who practice goodness and equality. Everyone else is a lying whore feeding off our labour and balming us for their failures.

It's time we stop paying for their lifestyles and shared the wealth among those who create it.

It's time to come out of the gray areas and pick light or darkness.

 It's called a conscience. Use it and it won't guide you wrong.

There is no such thing as a psychopath or sociopath. These are not diseases of the mind, they are expressions of pure evil.

Moral relativism only serves those who character it conceals. Evil needs darkness and silence. Good exists in the open light.

Which do you serve?