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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Neoliberal and Neoconservative Ideology: Evil fruit = Evil tree

Using tax-law, budget cuts,  and funding threats , Harper has tried to muzzle artists, scientists, environmentalists, opposition groups, and cripple Canadian NGOs that don’t walk in lock-step with his narrow ideology. He is destroying Canada’s ability to contribute to the world as a positive force. Judge the tree by its fruit. He has done nothing positive. Unlike our traditional Tory right, he is an extremist bent on imposing his narrow view on us all. His neoliberal, neoconservative policies will increase the inequality, and thus the misery, in our country to the benefit of a few corporations. The so called "Free Trade" agreements he and his ilk have forced upon us do nothing for the common people but drive down living standards and erode rights, while removing regulatory safeguards and privatizing as many essential services as they can get away with. That way, corporations can hold us hostage for profit and degrade the service quality and equity. The market is Harper's true god and he believes it to be all powerful, all-knowing and rewarding to those who deserve it. 

Unfortunately for democracy, you have to have money to be part of the market and the more money you have the more of the market you control. The market has no ethics, just supply and demand and the manipulation of the two. The market monetizes everything, considering humans a cost rather than an asset, thus it encourages reduction of that cost to increase profit. As long as a few have most of the money, the market only cares about them. The rest of us can’t participate. This is what our governments have become, corporations, extensions of the market that are replacing democracy and imperilling us all. We have to get the market out of government and start governing the market. The unregulated market generates chaos and misery as the strong exploit the weak. Democracy bears good fruit, like peace and stability and dignity.

Harper's fruit is hard to stomach and is making the whole nation ill.