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Monday, July 23, 2012

A few words about gun control

Hand guns are restricted in Canada and there's no way you can legally get an assault rifle. Only the cops, the military and the crooks, who you can't keep out of it no matter what you try, have guns beyond hunting rifles or shotguns. When a loony goes on a shooting spree here, unless he has an illegal weapon from the US, he is limited in the damage that he can do.

An armed populace doesn't create safety, it creates paranoia and turns civil society into a war-zone ready to erupt at any moment. The easier semi-automatic and automatic weapons are to get and the more shots they can fire, the more innocent people die when  the 1 in a million goes nuts. There's no good reason for a peaceful citizen to have more than a hunting rifle or shotgun. Rapid fire guns are meant for war and are  nothing more than human killing machines.

It is really no surprise that the gun amendment, that US conservatives treat as some kind of holy scripture, was amended into the constitution of the largest producer of weapons; the most war-like country on the planet. Since conservatives tend to profiteer off violence, they fiercely defend their right to kill and have the gall to blame the innocent victims for the results of their insane gun obsession. 

It makes me happy not to be American.