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Monday, September 24, 2012

Saudi Arabia - The Tyrants Our Governments Support

Saudi Arab is a kingdom, a monarchy that subjugates its people and because they have oil, western governments treat them like one of the good guys. They are not. They are one family ruling a nation because of an accent of birth. They subjugate women and sponsor terrorists. Many of the 9/11 hijackers were Saudi, as was Osama Bin Laden, who attacked the US because it allies with the Saudis. Thousands died then and since for what was basically a family squabble over power and religion, a family squabble in which the Bushes were intimately involved.

The Saudis are what all monarchies are, an anachronism that needs to end, to die in the waste-bin of history.
Only their oil keeps them in power and close to western powers. The hypocrisy of the West's behaviour undermines democracy across the Middle East. The Saudi's certainly don't want it within their border.

The following are a collection of videos and articles about the evil running rampant in Saudi Arabia and the shameful responses by the West, including the support the Harper tyranny has demonstrated for these dictators. They are birds of a feather.

Saudi Arabia and Western Hypocrisy
Madawi Al-Rasheed: Washington is calling the worst repression in the Arab world "evolving reform"

“Chop Chop Square” by Adam St. Patrick | The Walrus | May 2009
Inside Saudi Arabia's brutal justice system. Chop Chop Square - apostates, dissidents, 'witches', and many other undesirables are routinely rounded-up & beheaded by our charming 'friends' in the medieval Saudi Kingdom.

Modern Slavery in Gulf Countries
Adam Hanieh: Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states created a super exploited migrant work force after facing a radicalized Arab working class in the 60's

Saudi Arabia's Migrant Slaves
Migrant slaves in the medieval Saudi Kingdom

Canada StrengthensTies with Saudi Arabia | Global Research
Stephan Harper’s Conservatives have strengthened military, business and diplomatic ties with one of the most misogynistic and repressive countries in the world.

Flying the Flag, Arming the World
John Pilger did a documentary back in 1994 examining the role of UK and US governments arming and propping up repressive puppet regimes all over the world, particularly the Saudi Kingdom.