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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Free Market of Conservative Dogma

The is no "free" market unless there is democracy. There are only producers and consumers, supply and demand, and regulations and expectations. Those who champion the idea of the invisible hand of the market are actually relying on the manipulation of supply, as well as the manipulation of consumer and investor (more often gambler) expectations (and thus demand) through media and advertising. There is no purity in this. It is merely an economic activity which must have regulations and standards to prevent the rampant corruption that has been gambling with our financial system since at least the 1980s.

The market is composed of individuals with needs and desires. This is the exact same pool as that which makes up the democracy in which the market exists, though the "free market" requires you to have money to participate. If you worship the free market, you should also respect the political decisions of that market, unless you are dedicated to controlling those decisions. Both need standards and regulations, the latter in the form of a constitution. Both need regulating bodies, a democratic government nicely fitting the bill for both because its is guided by the will of its constituents.

Conservatives believe that government is a a useless waste of money only good when pushing their agendas. They trumpet freedom and the individual but trust neither and wish to control both. I guess government wastes our money building infrastructure, treating the sick, helping the poor rise above poverty, protecting and educating children, protecting consumers, protecting rights, defending the country diplomatically and militarily, and creating a sustainable economy and national energy self-sufficiency. Conservatives don't want us to stand up for ourselves to countries that would manke us colonies because then we might stand up to conservatives doing the same to the rest of their fellow citizens. I guess no government has even helped to establish the stability, standards and  regulatory environment to foster general prosperity. I guess no capitalist country has ever prospered. It's conservatives who have deregulated (the greatest neo-liberal evil) and injected corruption and outright gambling into the world financial system with results that we all can see. And then they blame progressive for not being able to fix the mess quickly enough, even though it took around 30 years of neo-liberalism to get into this mess.

It's conservatives who have generated the largest spread of inequality during a time of greatest social wealth, and they are responsible for the social ills (mental illness, crime, poverty, broken homes, drug abuse) that result. They mustn't be allowed to hide from it in their private estates and gated communities. They must be forced to live the consequences of their actions. It's the only way they will ever change, or wake up to being manipulated by a few who consider themselves modern feudalistic nobles.

In the US they want everyone to have guns, so they can have the most and the biggest and hire their own armies to shield them from their own actions. Not too mention that the gun crime helps reduce the poor population and keep them in fear. Easy to control. Those that don't get killed get chucked in prison for killing the others, or just  smoking a joint to relieve the stress of the lives. Of course conservatives don't want that. They want the poor to be drunk and fighting among themselves, not high and talking among themselves. Also, there's money to be bled from the lower classes for treating, but not curing, these ills.

Harper has made it more of a crime to grow cannabis than to be a child molester, and he hasn't gotten tough on financial crime, the only crime that seems to be on the rise in Canada, and the only crime that effects the entire world. As crime falls, he makes jail time mandatory for small crimes and closes prisons, setting the stage for his financial backers to build new prions for his new law to fill. It keeps the populace on its toes in fear that they might get swept up, especially with the new copyright and internet monitoring bills. We know it has worked so well in the US. Prisons are becoming a profitable private business and they don't have to deal with all those pesky poor and minorities.

Conservatives refuse to acknowledge class warfare although they are the ones who define the classes and make the guns. They want to keep as much pressure on the middle class as possible to keep them from rising to their level, or reforming the system, without destroying the illusion of social mobility.  As long as the middle class fear becoming lower class and hope they can become upper class, they are malleable.

Conservatives think it's terrible that their opinions aren't taken as Gospel, despite the fact they are often contrary to anything found in their Bible as well as the facts of reality. Everyone is their enemy. No wonder they so obsessed about keeping a gun handy.