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Friday, August 17, 2012

Honest Cops Speak the Truth

Here is an open letter from RCMP honest enough to be sick of the way the organization is being run and the corruption within. These are cops, not pigs, and should be encouraged. What they say about the RCMP is also true of Harper's government. These are people who truly want to Serve and Protect, us not their political masters.

The Re-Sergeance Alliance

An open Letter to all Members & Management with Integrity

Welcome to the Re-Sergeancy, we are an ever-growing alliance of dedicated professionals, from within the ranks of the RCMP, Security Service and associated Law Enforcement communities. Our coalition consists of both serving and retired members with one common goal, to restore faith within our Institutions through honesty, integrity and justice. We have patiently waited as our respective organizations have been provided with new leadership and the promise of new accountability and responsibility, however watched and experienced first hand as many within our current management structures have failed to simply meet the simplest of requests by our new Commissioner  Bob Paulson. Many of whom pay lip service to him, yet behind his back continue to resist any change in thought or actions, especially in regards to rooting out and exposing those within the force who through their actions created the current state we find ourselves within.

No member reading this can deny that our current state of affairs many examples of which are now being daily exposed in the media, are not simply fabrications or stories that paint us in a bad light, as god only knows they could fill their entire broadcast with our failings. This is not simply due to the actions of those few whom have bought shame to our “once” good name, through absolute corruption at the most disturbing levels, but also through our managerial conduct of literally covering up their crimes and demoting them upwards. Throughout the past two decades we have forgotten our identity, and oath we took as Canadians to protect and serve our fellow Canadians with honor and humility. Something that once made the RCMP a shining example to the world. Instead we have been taught the methodology of management, one in which all of us know to well. As members we have one set of beliefs that do ourselves a great injustice, our mindsets have become detached from the reality that earning the right to wear the Serge comes with a price, as its one thing to pass out of Depot, however its another to earn the right to continue to wear it and call ourselves Police Officers. From the moment a member enters Depot as you very well know, a reconditioning begins one of a fictitious “brotherhood”. From Depot to a members first post we are trained by our mentors and management that our fellow members are our primary concern and the reputation of the force is paramount. Through our management we quickly learn that reporting another members conduct will only earn us the reputation of being a common “Rat”, and that God forbid you report a senior member, or anyone in the Management structure. No matter what you may have witnessed.

We all quickly learn the principles of our Management structure, the better than thou mentality which quickly spreads in all our dealings with the public, an atmosphere of entitlement if you please. Our opinions are formed for us by the same Management structure that on a daily basis has absolutely no legitimate concerns for our health and safety, but instead prides themselves on their position and recent tax payor paid vacations. As for public safety, one only needs look at the actions of management as any Patrol Member can see, the growing rate of calls to 911 as we watch Management trot out our latest “Statistics” that our fellow Canadians are provided. We were taught what appears at first glance to be the truth, yet inside all of us we realize after awhile is nothing but a lie. That it’s the hobby of the press to “Make us look bad”, or that its all an “Agenda”, and the most beloved statement “A few bad apples” song and dance. Every member within every Detachment must know the same Fruits then! The only unanswered question is how do they manage to be in multiple Detachments at the same time?

In reality we the Members both Serving and Retired know how great we can be, and by large understand the need to return the Force to the once proud service driven RCMP that once proved to the world that Enforcement, and Humility go hand in hand. It’s time that we realize and admit that through our dealings, and attitudes towards the public we have become despised. That we have only ourselves to blame for the distrust our fellow Canadians feel. We have covered up to many secrets for far to long! We live in continuous silent fear of our Management, whilst witnessing corruption, lies, deception and harassment. This is far from a new problem, however we are being given a choice, one that will restore our pride within ourselves and more importantly the confidence of the Public. Ask yourself deep inside to whom did you swear an oath to? The corrupted member beside you? The REMFS in Management? or to Our Nation and our fellow Canadians.

Our new Commissioner has stated he doesn’t wish to Operate the force in the rear view mirror, and our current situation requires an all hands on deck approach. We can’t agree more! The problem is to have a future we need to reflect and deal with our past. This means that each and every member needs to re-evaluate what we have been taught to believe and take back the RCMP ourselves. The task at hand is not simple, and it may not be the “Exact” way that our New Leader may wish it done, however at the end of the day we will have earned the respect of our fellow Canadians.

To accomplish this task we need to re-think our methodology, on a daily basis we are instructed that the media is our enemy, consider why this approach is pushed so hard, it’s very simple, knowledge is power. Mix a just a touch of information, a dash of carefully placed spin, a managerial approval, and a smiling PR Member and we have a contained situation. Next cue the story of yet another Member saving a dog from a fast flowing river. You can bet your life we have one extremely traumatized K-9 on the force by now, wondering why his handler continues to heave him into the water. One things for certain I’m sure he has an axe to grind with health services.

Its time we all realized we are a Force that owes our very existence to the fellow Canadians we serve, not to the Management or the Member beside us who’s activities have been kept from the public. Every member took an oath to protect the Citizens of our country, how can any of us claim to hold to that oath when we remain silent regarding corruption, perjury, rape, harassment and so much more. All of us know of at least one situation, and we are allowing those members to actively remain on the Force, and walk freely among those we took an oath to protect. If any member reading this doesn’t see a problem here, I seriously suggest you turn your tin in and re-think your career choice. Those of you involved with such behavior, warning your time has finally expired. We are a new breed who are growing daily. We have realized that the Force has problems. Disciplinary action through what is deemed as the correct “Internal” structure is non-existent unless you file a complaint about Management or another Member, only then do you quickly see justice while your trying to remove a high brown from your own ass. For those of you whom think remaining silent is an option, may I remind you that remaining silent makes you complicit to the crime committed.

It’s time to stop fearing management, it’s time to stop fearing the media and treating ourselves as though we are better than our fellow Canadians, it’s time to stop the secrecy and lack of responsibility. It’s time for us as Canadians to rise to the challenge and take back the Force for our Fellow Canadians and demand justice for them, as we are better than this. Remember the respect of the Public relies upon the respect we provide them, not the opposite way around. We are accountable for our actions 24 hours a day, we expect nothing less of those we serve. As an officer you took an oath, perhaps over the years many have forgotten that as an RCMP officer our conduct both on duty and off must remain squared away. More is expected of us than a member of the public, this is not a simple code of conduct matter of no purpose, it was enshrined by our fore bearers to remind us that it’s a Privilege to serve, not a God given right.

As stated earlier, now is your time to take a stand, do not consider silence an option. Realize the respect you gain when you empower yourself, do not fear the media and remember it’s your sworn oath to protect the public. That means that indeed we need to push those few “rotten apples” directly into the light, take a stand and demand they be removed from the organization. We stedfast believe that internal discipline, accountability and the most irrational decisions of those within the Force have done nothing to assist the Members, or our Fellow Canadians. It’s now time for us to create change, no more excuses, no more secrets. If our leadership is incapable of the correct decisions then its up to us to allow and encourage the public to judge our assortment of reoccurring bad fruit by its obvious expiration date.

As a member, you already know and feel within your heart, mind, body and soul that our leadership has failed us and our Fellow Canadians whom we took an oath to protect. It's not easy to accept the irony that most of the decisions made, especially recently are actually putting those we swore an oath to, and our fellow colleagues directly in harms way. We all know about the dealings within the organization that the Public is yet to be informed, and I'm sure that all of us brace each day wondering what else we will have to deal with due to leadership that is more dysfunctional than the Jackson Family. 

I ask you honestly within the past six months in BC, has our leadership shown us or the general public that any change is occurring? We have watched as Ray has simply been reassigned, Chad's opinions were addressed in a manner one would expect from a Juvenile, and apparently our old secret kilted creep known for his special brand of "Art" has become our new mascot! Even though we all know his "interests" dating back to his days with North Vancouver don't require a simple COC Enquiry, but instead should have him attending parole hearings by now. Yeah sure we all had a laugh when Brown was finally outed after years of corruption, however one wonders once again how many times did our K-9 Colleague go for a swim that day? If anyone followed the Brown fiasco then you already know the sheer number of credible witness's and intimidated victims that are coming forward to many Detachments and City Police. The Public and Media are just waiting for our leadership to make their decision, and we can't believe for a second any longer that it will be the right outcome, ending in Criminal Charges. We think its important to remember the determination and bravery of those "unknown" officers for stepping forward in regards to Brown. As when leadership failed, they made the choice! 

It's an example we all now need to follow. Every Member reading this knows that even now our leadership is preparing to send us into a downward spiral with the COC findings. The problem is, as its been for years a complete disconnect from reality. Our Fellow Canadians have stated our very existence should be judged on the Brown matter, most of us fully understand that, as would you wish Brown attending your wife or child's 911 call? So once again I suppose our K-9 Colleague will go for a swim, however on the upside I understand we now have the support of the S&M population! On a daily basis our new "Dear Leader" and Managment tell us we are being unfairly treated by the media and over-critisized, lets be honest with ourselves has any of Management realized that they and ourselves haven't exactly shown much reason to be trusted by our Fellow Canadians. One only needs to see our leaderships position to constructive criticism by the way they dealt with Webster recently, talk about self-harming, there's not one of us that after doing some soul searching doesn't know that what he had to say is valid, honest and highly accurate. However its always preferable to shoot the messenger, while simultaneously shooting the Force in the foot. It wouldn't surprise any of us that even if by divine intervention Leadership admitted a mistake and approached Webster that he would politely decline and allow our organization to continue down the path to its own demise.

They say change begins at the top. Well sadly its time to admit the only way change will occur is from the bottom up! Our new "Dear Leader" and Management have done nothing but make our Fellow Canadians distrust and despise us more. Paulson seems to think he's back at the local kissing booth at the country fair with the amount of lip service he provides to both Members and the Public. It’s now our time, it’s the Taxpayers force and we best begin earning the respect of our fellow Canadians and hold those in management or corrupt behavior accountable for the error of their ways. Join with us, stand up and remember who you are, as day by day we are growing stronger!
Posted by Samuel Steele