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Friday, June 29, 2012

The Harper Government: Making certain that we're unprepared

Harper has quietly cut funding for the federal program to help lower levels of government deal with large scale disasters. He also terminated funding for the training programs that prepared first responders for such disasters. They close this year with no replacements planned. He has told local emergency workers to learn from their peers. He has downloaded the cost of training and responding to such disasters to local government, provincial and municipal. This will hamper our country's ability to respond to such emergencies.

Harper is balancing his so-called budget on the backs of the provinces, municipalities, workers, necessary government services, refugees, the elderly of the near future, and the poor, as well as at the expense of our international reputation and safety. George Bush put a horse judge in charge of the US emergency measures agency and along came Katrina. Harper has basically shut down our FEMA, or at least our ability to act as a united country to disaster. This might be important should the climate change that Harper stopped our scientists from studying prove as dangerous as many think.

He's done this so he can wave his Hypocrite's wand and say, "Look how good of an economist I am. Trust me."

The real message: "We're on our own."