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Monday, June 6, 2016

Trump-ism - a repetitive fusion-reaction to massacre, slavery, and corruption.

The colonization of America by European immigrants was accomplished through the massacre of the native population and the economic exploitation of slavery. Originally the party of emancipation, Goldwater's massive defeat triggered Nixon to put in place his Southern  Strategy, effectively allowing the former slave-masters to return to power, along with their ideologies. Then, money from those like the Koch's entered the system with the intent to paralyze it and succeeding. This enabled the policies of the 1980s that used capitalism to exhaust the Soviet Union to fossilize causing the economic meltdowns and inequality of today. And then the Supreme Court sold free-speech to the highest bidder, along with elections.

It's no wonder that many American are terrified of immigrants. Karma's a bitch. Now defined by what they hate (abortion, gay marriage, taxes, government, etc.), it's no wonder that racist trolls have flocked to the party. And those trying to change things for the better keep hitting a roadblock of donations and wealthy interest groups.

The pressure of the frustration, fear, and hate, creates the fusion of Trump-ism. He's their most powerful bomb. The more danger he seems capable of, the better.