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Thursday, October 15, 2015

What happened to aspirations?

How sad our politics when national dreams have given way to the neoliberal mantra of low taxes and self regulation.

The results: 30+ of middle-class stagnation and reduction, a growing infrastructure deficit, unemployment and underemployment, and the obscene concentration of more than half the worlds wealth in the hands of the 1% -  who are the ones actually referred to when we speak of "the markets". A few very wealthy traders (I wouldn't call them investors, they only invest in themselves) cause the fluctuations in the stock markets, manipulating them with sheer weight and more than willing to gamble on speculation. When the markets disapprove, it is they who do so, not some invisible hand or the general investor.

It's time for something more than a balanced budget. That's useless if you're not accomplishing anything worth accomplishing.