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Thursday, October 15, 2015

My life's work

Questing for balance amid madness, from the heart of existence to the limits…
The Continuum Chronicles 
is an eight-volume account of Armageddon on Aldyryc, in the prime reality, where all things imagined have a basis and affect other realities, including ours.

The Blue Knight 
is the story of Logosien Di Lzander, the first Champion chosen to fight the Final Existential War. Raised as a martial monk of the Goddess of Perfection, his birth is the battle that begins the war.

Becoming Empress Morgana Le Fey’s hero knight, Logosien runs up the ladder of success while descending into darkness. Paragon, saviour, deceiver, and conqueror, he unleashes great evil while helping usher in a new golden age.

Struggling to remain human while becoming the gods’ weapon, he is hunted by insanity incarnate, the S’Skahahn, until they succeed in taking everything. He rises as Champion of Order, sworn to save his son from his god-like enemy and dedicated to their destruction.  For a chance, he must survive the infernal wyrm’s fury, the Underworld’s depths, and his soul’s judgement.