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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The NRA Sacrifices American Lives

For their ideology and paranoia, the NRA wields its weight to crush all reasonable gun restrictions. They do this large through fear. Afterall, your neighbouir might have an assault rifle, so so should you. Never mind getting rid of assault rifles. Never mind that its blantantly obvious gun laws are needed.

Firearms are restricted in Canada. You need to take a short safety course to get a an acquisition certificate. Imagine the state requiring a couple hours of your time in exchange for lethal force. For anything more sexy than your run-of-the-mill hunting rifles and shotguns you need a special permit. We don't tend to own guns meant only for killing people. We don't have handguns in our purses, but the crime rate has been dropping for more than a decade.

Yet the NRA claims our American friends need more guns. Every man, woman, and child (younger the better) should carry on the hip. We've had less than a dozen mass shootings during the last 50 years. America has them routinely.

Who's to blame?

The NRA.

They certainly aren't helping and definitely don't mind sacrificing your children.