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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Steven Harper's Resume

Current position: Prime Minister
Accomplishments and Qualities:
  •  Doesn't work well with others.
  •  Secretive and controlling.
  •  Manipulates the truth and hypocritically claims one thing and its opposite.
  •  Aggressively hostile to science and facts. 
  • Has produced the worst economic performance in decades. 
  • Aggressive in promoting one sector at the expense of other sectors and environmental law.
  • Repeatedly violated Constitution with laws.
  • Questionable judgement in appointees.
  • Pushed the tyranny of the PMO control to its illegitimate extreme. 
  • Appointed more senatotrs thatn anyone.
  • Muzzled scientists, closed rearch libarries, and world-leading reasaerch projects, turn from inovative research to corporate research.
  • Underfunded border security, food-inspection, and aboriginals.  
  • More election-related scandals than anyone, until the rules were rewritten to benefit the Conservatives.
  • Tried to influence an independent audit into the senate and white-washed a senate report. while claiming nothing was done wrong, in order to protect an illegitimately appoint fundraising senator named Duffy.