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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Mark of a True Leader

A true leader leads by example and asks nothing of anyone that he wouldn't do himself. If he asks his people for sacrifice, then he is first to take the pain. If he wants to, let's say, change public pensions to be more restrictive and cost-effective, then he should do the same to his own, and other MPs', pensions first. If he's going to be tough on crime, then he should hold himself and his fellow representatives to a higher standard as well. Otherwise he's not a leader, just a hypocrite.

Right, Harper?

A leader convinces by reason and example, he does not dictate through policy. That's a dictator.

A leader does not play power games for his own benefit, or that of his accomplices, he puts the welfare of all his people first.

A leader does not exploit his people, he helps them improve themselves

A leader does not stifle or avoid dissenting points of view, he listens and learns. He tries to find common ground and use what works, not just his own ideas. He does not divide, he unites.

Right, Jack?

All these traits of course apply equally to female leaders. You don't have to me male to have a pair. You don't have to be a saint to have integrity. You just have to be human.

Real leaders are.