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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Canada's pit-bull: incapable of helping?

Harper is a pit-bull who can't let go of a believe, crewing it beyond reason, and bread for one purpose, attacking. It's his go-to posture.

Why does Harper resist taking in a decent number of refugees in a decent time? Because he's chewing on terrorism, and because his supporters think you can compare a few ids drowning in swimming pools each year to entire desperate families being wiped-out at sea because they can't get safe passage to refuge.

He'd rather attack than help. Spending millions to contribute 3% to the total war effort, to him, is better than spending that money on clothing, shelter, food, transport to safety, and resettlement. As for having to screen the masses, why would a terrorist infiltrate as a miserable refugee when they can do so openly as a comfortable traveler or ideologically through the internet?

Canada has experience and a prepared plan in place for moving and housing massive numbers of people in a short time. We could take 10,000 per province and territory if we decided to make it happen. Imagine such populations being settled up north, might make goods transportation more economical. These people have skills of all levels. Most would want to return home, but those who stay would enhance our country. History proves this.

It would be a true investment in the future as well as now. Of course, that means helping. That might mess up the balanced budget that he raided the contingency fund and sold our influence with GM to achieve.

Better to attack. Pit-bulls see no further than their prey.