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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The real Satanists

ISIS is no more Islamic than the Spanish inquisition were Christians, for all the same reasons and more. People who believe Satanists to be secret cultists who sacrifice animals and read the bible backwards are mistaken. Satanists take the word of God and twist it into violence, abuse, oppression, slavery, rape, murder. They take religions espousing love and turn them to hate. They are Christian, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Taoist, Sikh, and atheist. They are fascist, communist, socialist, capitalist, liberal, and conservative. They are stranger, date, spouse, mother, fathers, son, and daughter. Anyone espousing hatred in the name of god, particularly in Jesus's name - the Prince of peace -, is in fact a Satanist. All who harm others for their own gain are Satanists, be it virgins in heaven, or another billion dollars, or building your home on the land of the occupied and displaced, or feeling good because of someone's misfortune. There is not one Antichrist, they are legion. Right Putin? Right Assad? Right Cheney? Right Bush?

The last thing they think they are is evil. 

But the lord that they serve is not Allah, Jehovah, or Jesus.