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Sunday, May 26, 2013

An excellent interview about a lot of things

The following is an interview on CBC's WRITERS & COMPANY with spy novelist and real-world spy
John le Carré. He has some extremely timely and intelligent things to say regarding the Cold War, Communism, Democracy and the delegation of the citizen elected government power to corporations. He also touches on economics, Neoliberalism, Banking, and the Financial Crisis, the longing for empire by elites, spy-craft, writing and much more. He has said that this will be the final interview that he will give.

John le Carré Interview

This week, a brand new interview with John le Carré. We last spoke with him in 2010, and he was so articulate and charming that we were delighted to have a chance to speak with him again. This file contains audio not heard on the broadcast version.

The music to close the John le Carré Interview:
Vl.7, CUT 6:  "Prelude No.18, Fa Min"
Composer and Performer:  Jeroen Van Veen