Just how bad are Canada's new job numbers?

Just how bad are Canada's latest job numbers released Friday by Statistics Canada?
Here are 5 statistics that tell the story:
  • 59,700: That's the number of full-time jobs that were lost last month.
  • 200: Economists had expected the creation of 20,000 jobs in July. Instead, a mere 200 jobs were created overall, with part-time jobs offsetting the loss of full-time work.
  • 0.7%: That's the growth of employment over the past year, with the addition of 115,300 new jobs. All this growth was in part-time work.
  • 35,400: That's how many people dropped out of the labour force last month and are no longer being counted as unemployed.
  • 65.9%: This is Canada's participation rate, which tracks the number of people searching for jobs. This is the first time since 2001 it has fallen below 66%.
  • Bonus: Stephen Harper's Conservative government says it's focused on "job creation and economic growth."