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Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Hopeless War on Ourselves

Einstein defined insanity as repeated the same actions and expected different results. The war on drugs iws proof of that. It is making our society insane, fighting itself. It's time to end prohibition. It didn't work in the the early 20th century. It creaked a powerful class of criminals, rampant corruption, and citizens with no respect for the law. We're only making crooks rich, increasing violence and crime, and killing people with unsafe street drugs. Everyone knows that banning  never works, whether it be books, music, ideas, unions, abortion, or drugs. It forces it underground and out of control, forcing governments to spend rather than gain money and to work against their own citizens. It's a slippery slope on both sides. Once a government turns on its citizens a little, there's nothing holding it back from trampling them wholesale. Once a populace loses faith in laws, and start breaking them, it leads to willingness to go farther. Both sides inevitably meet in revolution. So it would be in society's best interest to openly discuss such things rather than trying to sweep them under the rug. Things grow under rugs.