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Friday, April 15, 2016

Fiendish Finance: it's not capitalism's fault that vampires are bleeding it dry

The modern economic system makes sovereign nations subservient to lenders, investors, traders, and rating agencies, none interested in the common good. In fact this tends to be an incestuous group built around a relatively low number of very wealth people. Their investments can shift entire markets and throw nations into pain and sacrifice that benefits only them. They are the people behind the institutions lending nations money that they have hidden from those same nations, robbing the societies that enabled the creation and accumulation of tat wealth, in fact defining the nature and existence of the currency that wealth. No society, no money. Just a hermit in the cave with ideas.

It doesn't get more crooked or rigged than this. Theft produces hidden wealth that is laundered by lending it to the nations from which it was stolen, the act of which produces profit, some of which is hidden. Then they tell us how much they trust us to lend  to in order to crack the legislative whip of austerity to protect their profits, while moving massive amounts of money around to control the markets and the value of the money itself. Masters of the tricks of "creative" accounting are now all our masters.

They are the fiends of the hell they are creating around their havens.