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Tuesday, January 22, 2013

"Tell the CRTC NO SUN NEWS on public cable."

 The following is a re-posting of a Facebook event by Boycott Sun News Network that I support wholeheartedly. The last thing we need in Canada is Sun's Fox-like idiocy shoved down our throats.

Contact the CRTC and tell them you do not want Sun News Network on your local cable.

Everyone has the right to submit a written intervention to the CRTC against the application (this is more effective than simply emailing the general mailbox).

To do so click on the link below, then click the button that reads "submit" (under deadlines),
then highlight "I agree" and click next.

Then click Option 1 and "next".
Then click the box "Sun News General Partnership" and "next" and
then (finally) highlight "Opposition", type in your reasons against and click "submit". You may want to draft your comments in advance and cut and paste them in or upload them as a document or PDF (using the "choose file" button) and then click "next" and continue through to the end.
 (This is more effective than sending a comment to the general mailbox)