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Friday, January 18, 2013

Hypocrite Harper the Failed Economist

Like George "the Human Disaster" Bush was out to prove he could do what his daddy couldn't with Iraq, Harper is trying to prove to himself, his daddy and the whole world that his economics professors were wrong when they said he should take up another field. He's desperate to prove it wasn't just daddy who got him to where he is, just like Bush, even though he wouldn't have gotten the "quality" degree he got from the oil company that his daddy worked for. Just like Bush, he was far from top of his class.

Harper the Hypocrite is putting all his "formidable" economic experience and credntials to work for us. His single-minded tactics work in the politics of division, but how's he really doing with the economy that was handed to him on a golden stable platter? After all it takes a lot a people cooperating and working hard to have a good economy. Harper can't manage a dialogue with anyone with a differing opinion, let alone the concept of negotiation. He's a success at increasing the inequality gap.

The following is a re-posting of a post on Facebook by Critically Thinking Canadian

Prime Minister Harper has consistently used the Canadian economy as the ultimate reason to back the Conservatives. He would like you to believe that under Conservative leadership, Canada has escaped the world recession. Unfortunately, when Canadians reflect on their own status, the result is quite different.

(Research from EKOS Research Associates, Ltd., November 2012)