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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pitt-bulls: We Make Dogs Dangerous

Dogs are one of, if not the first, genetically engineered organisms. Humans modified the wolf genome through selective breeding. We engineered dogs by encouraging traits like bark to serve as an an alarm for protection, tracking certain prey for hunting, toughness and size for combat, and group behavior for herding.the Pitt-bull breeds, as the name suggests, were engineered for combat, particularly fighting other dogs.

Pitt-bulls aren't evil, just engineered for a tendency for aggression, durability and destructive power. It's like intentionally breeding human psychopaths built like the Hulk. All individuals produced by the process are not psychopaths, but the tendency is strong and relatively easy to activate in adverse or catalytic circumstances. Many, if not most, of bites by all breeds result from children trying to hug dogs and the dogs interpreting it as an attack. We've bred and trained aggressive, violent dogs to interpret many more innocent things as threatening.

Pitt-bulls aren't monsters to be destroyed. Only a proven dangerous individual should be punished and only the most dangerous killed. Others should be treated humanely, compassionately. This includes stop the engineering of dangerous or detrimental traits, even if we find them valuable or cute. You can take the danger out of the breed without destroying the breed, because we put it there in the first place.

We can stop making dogs dangerous.

We did it to our best friends and we're trying to do it to us.

Don't let humanity go to the dogs, society is already descending into a dog's breakfast. 

Evolution genetically modifies organisms through slow, experimental, natural selection. Selective breeding sped this up. Speed and convenience increase the dangers and we're addicted to them.