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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Harper is Incapable of Diplomacy

Harper's neoconservative ideolgy requires confrontation, accusation, division, diversion, shutting don the communication channels between the government and the people, and refusing to acknowledge facts contratry to the iideology. It is no wonder that he has been systematically cutting our ability to communicate, reason, and cooperate with the tsrest of the world whlile increasing funding for special projects like the F-35, for our "defence". Just like G.W. Bush. Bush managed to take his country from the highest it's ever been in wealth, power, and world good-will, following 9/11, to the hated retch that Obama has had to nurse. Canada is currently highly ranked economically and in world good-will. Harper has been hard at work trying to change this. He idelizes the Repblican afterbirth called the "Neocons", and is as blind as they were, and still are, to the havoc they caused. Of course, they don't listyen to facts. They channlellenge them with personal attacks and lies,while cutting the funding that produced them. Thy do the same with theose who would use the inconvientnt facts of reality to stop their neolioberal destruction. Harper is cunning, not smart. Like Bush, he was at best a mediocre student, but in Harper's case one who was encouraged to try a different career than economics by his economics school. He is a dull inteleect who I doubt fully grasps his worhsipped ideologies of neoconsevative politics and neoliberal economics. He certainly refuses to see how much damage they've caused world-wide. ....

Ah Ha! That's why he's cutting our diplomatic budget during a very dangerous and complex time in world history, he doesn't wasn't to hear about it. If he doesn't know about it, it doesn't exist.

I've been saying that Harper is Canada's Bush since he first formed a government during the minority days, before he became King Harper Hypocrite. I don't know what more proof is needed to wake people up. If history repeats (and when has it even done that?), Harper will destroy Canada economically, socially, environmentally, diplomatically, and constitutionally. Torture anyone? Harper's already encouraging CSIS to use information gained by it, while calling environmentalists "terrorists", and those who opposed him as "child pornographers", two groups obviously deserving torture. Neoconservatism sees everyone as enemies of the faith. Neoliberalism sees everyone as competitors whose weaknesses are to be exploited, and government merely as a part of the free market, rather than as its leadership and service provider. Rather than economiucs being a tool for a government, a nation and its people, they beome its tools. The moral vacuum of the Market Society is formed, a black hole swallowing civiliaztion.

We must get rid of Harper and these destructive ideolgies as soon a law allows. Under our insane system, that means as soon as he lets us by calleing an election. Fortunetly there's a limit of five years or we'd never dig him out. He must not get wo majoritites.

Look to the south if you want to see what's at stake. That's what Bush did and what Harper will do. 

Fail him before he fails us.