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Friday, August 24, 2012

WW3: The Multinational War

The corporation was created to exploit foreign lands and peoples for the benefit of the wealthy, so-called “nobility”. They were meant to be monopolies and still strive to be with limited liability to ensure that no one responsible could be held responsible. They were the driving force behind colonialism (growth at all costs) and turned slavery into an industrial business. They have monetized everything, including money, which was never supposed to be an end in itself just a means to ends. Through the dark “miracle” (the devil can work miracles too) of compound interest, they have involved everyone in counterfeiting by generating money without value from thin air and causing everything to inflate, generating bubble and bust again and again for their own benefit.

Today, multinational corporations are not entrepreneurial businesses, they are independent foreign powers with more money than some countries, larger populations, their own police and armies. Most have some tentacle in the weapons business. They are economic dictatorships with no allegiance to anyone or any law except profit and share value. They exist to exploit.

If another country came into our country, ejected citizens from their land, bribed politicians to enact laws or remove them, treated workers as slaves and raped the land for resources we would go to war. The fact is World War Three (really Four if you count the war between England and France during colonial days that spread world-wide) has been raging for a long time now. Foreign powers have invaded and have been waging war on us since at least the 1960s. You can see the war’s destruction all around us in the misery and environmental destruction.  If a another country di this we would fight them and call it an invasion. When multinational corporations do it, we call it good for the economy.

They drain money from society, evading taxes through shell companies in tax havens and low income, capital gains and estate taxes, funnelling billions (trillions world-wide) out of our economies, bankrupting entire nations and then using the debt created to dictate to them.  It is national espionage, a war of infiltration with money and corruption its major weapons. And of course compound interest which allows not circulating currency to multiply without actually creating real wealth outside of the numbers. It is the drug that they feed us, giving a little of its benefit to ordary savers while mainlining themselves through credit – which should be called debt.  Unless you’re wealthy, the compound interest on debt will always be far larger than on savings. They don’t share the “miracle” equally and it quickly enlarges personal and national debt, even when neither is increasing their loans. It grows just sitting there. This compounding of debt is really what has pushed wages and prices higher. This is why the amount of inflation in the western world has ballooned out of all reasonable size since the creation of corporations, especially banks.

Banks are corporations whose job was making sure currency circulated and giving a safe place to store it. They were never intended to create an entire industry built of counterfeiting and moving currency around. There was never supposed to be a financial “industry”, a misleading name since there is nothing real produced.  Money shouldn’t reproduce. Real thing being produced in reality is how growth is supposed to occur, generating real wealth. Compound interest and financial transactions generate value but no wealth, locking up currency in offshore bank accounts and in trades that produce only numbers.  Banks were never meant to be investors. Their profits were not their main reason for being allowed to exist. But they have dug themselves so far into the counterfeit economy that they seem essential now.

Multination corporations are the worst kind of foreign invader, so foreign that they are “persons’” without bodies or souls, just hunger that never ends. They claim to drive the economy while contributing nothing. Using up people and resources to full off share accounts and rob ous of the currency needed to sustain our societies. With no funds left of our own, countries crawl to them for loans and are willing to do whatever they say for the privilege of the exploitation. Created by kings and cronies, they turn on the nations that gave birth to these unnatural entities. They are the most unnatural creatures in a world seeking democracy and equality. They use the worst aspects of capitalism to destroy capitalism and remove all freedom. Not only must you have wealth to participate in them, but you have to have a lot to get a voice, and very few do. The only freedom they preserve is the freedom to buy in if you have the cash. They are natural monopolies and oligarchies. They are the enemies of democracy and equality, as well as true prosperity. They are unnatural leeches feed on the work of us all and telling us to like it or become unable to work, unable to earn, at all. They punish us for our own success. They manipulate the world and are the ultimate example of psychopathic evil. They are the reason WWI dragged on obscenely long and why the US stayed out of WWII for almost half of it. Money was being generated (made would imply that wealth was being created but it was just interest). They operate completely selfishly at our expense financially, morally, and physically.
They rob of us of our wealth, our health, our land, and our freedom.

Fighting WW3 isn’t matter of having bigger guns. They make the guns. In the case of tax havens, they made the countries. We don’t need violence, that’s their game. “United we stand and divided we fall.” They have been dividing us since their creation. We need to be united. We need fair, well-aimed laws, regulations and taxes, all correctly enforced. These are our weapons and that’s why they want them taken away. They also discourage the vote. They want us ignorant and armed and fighting each other, so they can keep blowing up their financial balloons and trading them for our wealth. Competition within a cooperative framework is true capitalism. Competition at all costs is suicide. Multinational corporations don’t compete; they buy their competitors and are regularly guilty of collusion and price fixing. Not to mention tax evasion and counterfeiting on a scale that is bankrupting us. Then they blame us and say we must do what they say to survive. It’s economic terrorism. Oh, and what they don’t steal outright, they gamble away, while encouraging us to do the same. Luck will save us all they say. Just let us gamble, counterfeit and tax evade some more and you’ll get yours.

Money for nothing and money from nothing, the financial industry and other multinationals promise the former and give us the latter. There is so much artificial inflation and debt in the system. We have to let the air out before it all explodes.

They must be stopped. World War Three is raging. It’s time we starting fighting back. We have the weapons. We have to work together and use them to end their economic fantasy and our nightmare. They certainly work together against us. And they don’t think governments are unreachable or useless. They certainly don’t waste their votes. They exercise them daily while keeping us distracted by trivia and bad news that we can’t affect, to breed hopelessness and apathy.  They count on inertia.

Wake up. The War is on!