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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Harper: Raised, Positioned, and Directed by Imperial Oil

Harper was born in Toronto, Ontario, where he was raised, never having visited Alberta. After a mediocre high school performance, he enrolled in economics at U of T. After less than 3 months, U of T asked him to "re-assess his commitment to economics"(destroying the lie that he should be trusted with the country's economics)

Having been kicked out of a respectable school, his daddy's employer bought him a degree from Calgary Upstairs Oil University, founded by Imperial Oil. Daddy is a financial officer for Imperial Oil. That's why he's in the pocket of big oil. He owes everything to them.
Exploiting Prairie populism is the expertise of the oil corporations who have used the tactic for a century. They installed Harper in the Alberta movement, with vast amounts of money and time poured into capturing the hearts and minds of Alberta's least educated, most rabid voters.

Despite having never been elected, he was installed ahead of much stronger contenders at the head of the Reform party, promising to banish patronage, senate appointments, and introduce transparency, along with a bunch of other lies. This strategy banked on  the sure-fire mechanisms of irrational anger and human pride. The anger was at the Liberals for the NEP (even though its been more than a generation since it happened -  conservatives like to hold on to baggage) , an easy button to push in Canada's most oil dependent province. Anger blinds reason. 

Those who bought into his lies and acclaimed him as the vote of real Alberta were counted on to save their own egos by changing the reasons for their original allegiance to other reasons once he abandoned  honesty, responsibility, accountability, senate reform, and was benefiting from patronage. He has in fact done everything to oppose the reforms he promised. 

It's an effective tactic when applied to a largely hate-filled populace who ignore science, history and fraud. A tactic learned from and exploited continually by American conservatives. Harper would make a great Tea Party member. Even when they know they have been fooled, they clutch on for dear life, having spent years committed to their choice. How can they back down without appearing weak - weakness being the fear of all evil and most conservatives. So, they commit bitterly to supporting the party that will destroy their own income, their communities, and their children's futures, anything but admit they were wrong. Especially since they can't see past the anger of long dead insults.

Harper's a hypocrite. He's not a zealot, nor is he religious. He was created by big oil. He is an opportunistic infection created by big oil, festering in the wounds created by neoliberal deregulation and privatization inflicted on Canada by Mulroney and the neoiberals that followed him. Even Harper's neoconservative ideas aren't his own, but copied from brighter minds.

And it was not support for his ideas that got him elected. It was the apathy of those who want better. When everyone is asleep at the switch, it's easy for stowaway rats to climb aboard and take over. Less than 50% of the votes of the less than 50% who voted is not a mandate. It is a bad joke made possible by our anachronistic first-past-the-post system. It is the shame of all those who let the hypocrite and his dirty tricks win. 

We can only pray that they wake up and finally take responsiblity for the country that gives everyone so many beniftis. Harper wants no one to recognize Canada when he's done, except of course, Americans. He's already taken a country regularly ranked among the top places in the world to live and turned it into a exploiter of the poor and destroyer of the environment. Why? Oil companies are allowed to squash inidivdidual rights to protect their profits. They trained him. He's just doing as he's told. A mediocre mind like his can't come up with original thought. 

Now it should be Canadians, questioning his commitment to real values rather than stock values. He certainly has no morals. His actions and words testify to that again and again.

Harper will be remembered as the worst PM that Canada has ever had, just like Bush was the worst president America ever had. The comparison shouldn't be a surprise, he's copied every tactic, idea and crime that Bush and Cheney used on their people. Which goes to show just how stupid the man is. The rest of the world, even the American converservatives try to forget Bush. Harper tries to emulate him. Like the voter he conned, he doesn't want to show eweakness in the face of the opposing facts of reality, so he muzzles and ignores. 

He'll never change his ways, so we have to chance them for him. Vote him out and get someone with a living brain in the office. Canada can do better than a C student who gets a F as a human being.