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Sunday, July 15, 2012

Voting is Your Voice; Silence is Deadly.

We are willing to send our loved ones to die in foreign lands so that people might have the voice in their destinies called voting. Why are we so unwilling to spend a little time to do it ourselves? To be part of our government long enough to make one decision. Real protest in a democray is done through voting.
Go ahead and consent with your silence. You can't change the system from without unless you want to throw the country into chaos. Vote for the least of the evils and work to get better candidates. Reality never gives you exactly what you want. You do what you can with what you have and try to build on it to improve. 
The politicians don't listen because you are not making your voices heard in the way they hear. Voting magnifies our voices. Withdrawing from the process just makes them pander to the small interest groups that take part. We speak with our votes not our apathy. 
I believe we should switch to a proportional system so that there is broader and fairer representation. If you want to see it happen, find those who will speak for it in the parliament/legislature and vote for them. Encourage rather than discourage. We want to reform the system not, as Harper is doing, tear it apart. There's so much that is good about Canada. We don't want to watch silent as the minority throw it all away and replace it with their vision. We have to voice ours. 
No one pays attention to students or poor people, for example, because in large part they don't vote. They don't show up in the calculations. And you can only march in the streets so long before exhaustion sets in. The tyrants in power know this. They count on it. But voting, and staying engaged in the system that we're all apart of by the virtue of being citizens, scares tyrants. They don't want the people watching what they do. They want to control they sort of knowledge. 
You take yourself our of the system, the system trucks along without you. You diminish the effective population of our country to extremists. Revolting against something that is mostly good is destructive. Reforming it is productive. People have fought and died for the right to vote. It is our best tool against tyranny. Don't throw it away. That's what they want. 
The system can't represent you if you aren't part of it. It reflects those who take part and is controlled by influence. Money brings influence, but  millions of votes speak pretty loudly when cast on purpose. It shows how united or dived the people are and what they care about, even if the ones you wanted don't win. Big numbers impress. It is the biggest and most accurate opinion pole. If all the sensible people stay out as a silent protest or due to apathy, only the assholes' voices get heard. The present poor condition of the world's economies and democracies was caused by the assholes, but is the responsibility of those who stayed silent while Rome, or in this case, Athens, burned. Votes are our best water buckets. Otherwise you just spark more flames.

The world's been burned enough already. But if there is one more to be lit, let it be one under the asses of the apathetic. 

Care before there's nothing left to care about. 

And for those who care so much they have to do something to protest, get active in reality. Join a party and help determine its platform and candidates, not to mention leader. That's the only way in our present system to have a chance to elect the PM or Premiere you want. When you're a member, they listen. They have to. 

The three reasons the Liberal party collapsed are that they abandoned centre-left and headed right, they  elected a series of seat warmers as leaders, and they lost most of the voters in Canada to apathy while letting the Conservatives exploit lingering western resentment overt the NEP.  Until recently it has been the tradition in Canada to campaign from one side or the other but govern close to centre. With the majority of people gone silent, our voice in the country and the world has become that of extremists. 

The silent majority needs to speak up or  the real heroes of the past, of our families, died in vain. 

Then we're the assholes.