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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Thoughts on the Trinity

I was brought to my faith and religion by the idea of spiritual evolution and Taoist curiosity.I was taught that the Trinity is not one being in three forms but three individuals with separate responsibilities in the shared office of the Godhead.

The highly-evolved, immortal, resurrected soul we call Heavenly Father is chief of the Godhead. We are his created children spirits, organized from what has been called spirit matter, but I like to think of as the chi, or unorganized life force, of the Tao. The Tao, the totality of Existence, being literally the spirit of infinite potential within the eternal, infinite Void. The multitude of universes being organized chi bubbles within the Tao. Heavenly father organized us and set the rules for the mortal test that we must pass through before becoming resurrected immortal souls like our father and most advanced brother. He has a Heavenly Father above him and so on for generations unknown. He is the source of priesthood authority. Only he can grant it. He gives it to males because we need it more to keep us in line than women do. They get it through us without all the added responsibility and duties, which are unpaid in my religion. Even with the priesthood, they say that fewer men will make it to Heavenly Father's level of power, knowledge and responsibility than women.

The Holy Spirit is testifier, comforter and companion to us during this mortal test, having volunteered to be the last of our generation to be resurrected.

Jesus is the most advanced of our spiritual generation - our brother and the bridge between spirit and soul across the gulf of mortality. He is our guide and example. Because he suffered our guilt, shame, pain, and fears, as well as most other things about living, including a most horrible rejection and demise combined with the feeling of being without god, he is fit to understand and judge us for the level of existence that we will begin at as resurrected souls. He can forgive us and relieve our guilt, shame, and fear - things fostered by our most charming brother, who rejected the mortal test of free will for his tyranny and lost. The ability to persevere and unite despite opposition, as well as learning to live with the intended and the unintended consequences of free will, are the mortal test. So even in his opposition, Lucifer serves the Godhead's purpose. Jesus in spirit form was the evolving, learning god of the Old Testament. Jesus in resurrected immortal soul form is the god of the New Testament. He is this world's god, as well as others like it. He maybe be an interstellar god, or even a galactic one at this point. He may even go higher. At least that is my interpretation.We try our best to follow our path, the number of steps we take along it being not as important as being pointed along the right direction and trying to follow.

What really felt right with me is that my religion doesn't belive in a static Heaven and Hell concept. Before the ressurection, everyone stays on Earth as spirits after death, existing in a peaceful state or one dominated by negative emotions. Thus each is either in paradise or their own spiritual prison. The former try to help the latter. After the ressurrection those who prove most advanced will go to be with Heavenly Father and lern to create their own spiritual generations. This level of advancement is called Celestial Glory. Those less advanced experience Terrestrial Glory (described as the difference between the sun and the light of the moon). Whether this is the limit of their evolution or just a remedial class, I have no idea. The lowest form of glory is the Telestial, which even murders can experience, and though described as starlight in comparison with greater glory, is so good that many people would end their mortal tests prematurely just experience it. The only non-glory available is Outer Darkness, described as the absence of the light of god. This is where those like Lucifer, spirits never to obtain bodies, will be ruled over by those like Cain and Hitler in a cold dark hell of their own making. You basically have to meet one of the Godhead and literally spit in his face to end up here. No one gets left behind except due to their own free will but everyone is responsible for their own development.

This gives me great hope. Since Heavenly Father was once like us, one in a generation of billions in which only one was top student, the chances are high that he was his generation's top student. He may have been a flawed slob like me.

The potential of the Tao is unlimited.