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Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Olympic Lunacy

The Olympics, if they were ever about more than bragging rights, are now completely a multinational corporation funded by tax payers whose sole purpose is ad revenue. Athletes are nothing more than unpaid workers, entertainment to draw the eye to the sponsors and branding, just like all "professional sports" (two words that, in my opinion, have no purpose being together in a sane world).

The Olympics is exempting locals from their rights, just for a few weeks. It requires the hosting city to invest huge amounts of time and weeks of disruption. It's the most powerful corporation going. They change cities to accommodate what amounts to a big party for unpaid obsessed gamers. Countries bankrupt themselves and are left with sports facilities when people need public services and the economy needs long term stimulus, not a one-time blip that the country pays to have. All for bragging rights.

The Olympics are a nice form of entertainment, but laws shouldn't be forced through that restrict people's rights, and cities shouldn't be militarized (acting as the corporation's private security force), to put them on. Economies are suffering and they waste money on this. It's not worth the time, money, or effort, except for the athletes themselves and the International Olympic Committee.