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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Neoliberalism: Free Trade & the Concentration of Wealth

 The following post is  quoted from the Vimeo.com website and their synopsis of the video. It points out the real truth of so-called "Free Trade", the neoliberal poster-child that enables them to spread devastation  across the globe.

"fraud. why the great recession" (official version)

Free markets are not to be blamed for the Great Recession. On the contrary, its origins rest upon the deep government and central bank intervention in the economy. Through fraudulent mechanisms, this causes recurrent boom and bust cycles: bad policies create phases of irrational exuberance, which are then followed by economic recessions, a result that every citizen ends up suffering from.
"Well, it is more complicated then that. Centralized governments create a mechanism by which minorities with concentration of capital can gain more concentration of capital. The system we have today is a direct consequence of the continuous increase of concentration of capital and, thus, power, in the hands of a very powerful minority. The source of that power is a combination of the corporation and the monetary system. These systems are made possible through “free trade” – that is, the abilty of any company to trade without any restrictions (i.e. government restrictions). “Free trade” is, in fact, what the fascists advocate for – which is less government to restrcit them. Their form of “free trade” is also global so that they are not limited by any laws or boundaires. As such, they also advocate for a global currency and a global government which, by its own definition, cannot be influenced by the people. Removing the mechanism which restrains them, now that they already have power (and this is crucial to understand the situation – they already have power) would be a mistake, because it would further free them to move forward with their plans and create further difficulties for resistance.

A real solution would be to do exactly the opposite of what they advocate for – local currencies throughout the planet (which severely limits their mobility), local participatory democracies directly controlled by the people to keep the power dynamics in check, local organic food production to provide the people with food security health and empowerment, local renewable energy to free the people from centralized energy production which ultimately enslaves us, etc."