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Sunday, September 11, 2016

On the Shores of Depression

Alone in the dark: Coast of Atlantic, Cape Town, South Africa – By Pouria Hadjibagheri
If you experience depression as a dark, bottomless pool that sucks you down you only have a partial idea of the full-blown disorder. This is a depressed mood.

Major depressive disorder is living beside an invisible, silent ocean that pounds the shore without warning sucking you into a turbulent abyss. Carried helpless to places you would never go, tumbling without an idea of up, you struggle for control, for breath, for thought. Everything is depressed.

Then it withdraws, leaving you gasping, grateful and terrified. It may hit again at any second or not for years. Sometimes it dumps you ashore and vanishes, relief elates you until you learn that the wave was building into a tsunami.

It is powerful, relentless, and deadly. It is the depression of life, drowning of the will to live beneath the rumble of the void.